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Using cutting-edge technologies and personalized solutions, we aim to improve patient outcomes and make healthcare more accessible to everyone.


Vison to Become a one stop Healthcare Engagement Platform for Patients, Healthcare Professionals & Healthcare vendors



Cufront is changing healthcare with the Virtual OPD and Patient Engagement Platform. Access to the best medical advice has now become seamless with secure video consultation across any geography, helping patients get diagnosed, treated, and followed up without stepping out of their homes. Easy appointment scheduling, electronic medical record-keeping, prescription management, follow-up consultation, and personalized health tips—Cufront makes your health its prime concern by giving you high-quality, confidential, and accessible care at your fingertips round the clock. With Cufront, healthcare is simplified and always within reach.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Technology

Cufront, revolutionizing health care with technology to be at the forefront in modern medical care. With the incorporation of advanced digital solutions, we seek to provide a seamless and efficient Virtual OPD and Patient Engagement Platform in redefining how patients and healthcare providers connect and engage. Through our secure video consultations, patients can connect top doctors for expert medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment plans while sitting in their comfort zone at home. Our extensive features provide easy appointment scheduling, electronic ways of maintaining medical records, and prescription management for complete and continuous care. There are also tailored health tips and active wellness programs that keep patients engaged, enlightened, and in full control. Our ultimate goal at Cufront is creating ease of access to quality, convenient, and secure health care for all, anytime and anywhere.

Leading the Way in Healthcare Innovations

Leading Healthcare Innovations, Cufront has been at the forefront by creating for one a state-of-the-art Virtual OPD and Patient Engagement Platform. We bridge the missing link between patients and healthcare service providers to safely and easily make the best medical services available through video consultations. We smoothen the patient journey with convenient and easy appointment scheduling, electronic records management, and seamless prescription management. This includes leading the way in personalized health engagement through tailored wellness advice and interactive health programs. At Cufront, we are always innovating to provide more healthcare access and quality so that you can getter care any time and from any place.

Innovative Solutions for Better Healthcare Delivery

Cufront is oriented to innovation in healthcare delivery. Through our Virtual OPD, engage patients seamlessly with time-served medical professionals across secure video consultations that replace a physical visit-cum-long-waiting hours. Be it easy online appointment scheduling, easy access to electronic medical records, or efficient prescription management, we offer a comprehensive solution in the sphere of healthcare. The platform also engages patients with their own tips on health and interactive wellness programs. We enable top-quality, confidential, convenient healthcare services through continued investment in advanced technology, hence making healthcare accessible and more efficient.

Explore Community

Cufront believes that a connection can be harnessed to contribute toward a better community by keeping patients, doctors, and healthcare providers under one virtual roof. We enable a seamless, convenient, collaborative environment in which patients will receive the best possible care. Our services easily allow patients to essentially gain access for consultations, follow-up care, and long-term care from leading medical professionals. We also provide a platform for health experts to share their knowledge, discuss cases, and update themselves on the newest developments in medicine. We believe this connected community of healthcare will foster a supportive ecosystem, enhancing patient outcome and wellness while leading innovation in healthcare delivery.


Cufront brings innovative products to the table for better healthcare delivery and engagement. Our signature product, the Virtual OPD Platform, helps patients consult the best medical professionals through secure video calls, making healthcare accessible everywhere. Our Appointment Scheduling tool is designed to make booking, rescheduling, and managing appointments easy to ensure seamless and effective communication between patients and doctors. The Electronic Medical Records system facilely allows sharing and managing health data with complete transparency, thereby empowering patients to manage and share medical history and medical reports. Our Prescription Management service will ensure that patients get e-prescriptions right from their doctors and are able to order medications easily online. Together, the products ensure an integrated user-friendly healthcare ecosystem driven by convenience, quality, and patient satisfaction.

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Vison to Become a one stop Healthcare Engagement Platform for Patients, Healthcare Professionals & Healthcare vendors

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